Administrative Assistant (Lima)

Position Description

Summary of Position and Responsibilities:

  1. Generation of records and documents
  2. Review of records and documents
  3. Data entry
  4. Interact with customers
  5. Provide overall organization to office functions

Reports To:

Laboratory Manager

Specific Duties:

  1. Use of Computer Software
    1. Proficient using Wavefront Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to:
      1. Generate customer reports for review by management
      2. Generate customer invoices for review by management
      3. Perform search queries
      4. Perform sample log-in
      5. Make corrections to sample dates/times etc. and revise spelling errors.
    2. Excel
      1. Create Form 4221 reports for review by management
      2. Perform data entry
  2. Confidentiality
    1. Maintain confidentiality procedures to protect customers interests
    2. Customer reports emailed or mailed only to the customer unless customer specifies otherwise in writing.
  3. Office Administration
    1. General office filing, maintenance of hard copy and computer records, mailings, etc.
    2. Order office supplies and maintain office equipment
    3. Answer telephone and assist customer. Route calls as required
    4. Assist laboratory staff with filing, copying, etc.
    5. Greet customers and assist with registration for lab tours and meetings
    6. Maintain visitor logbook
  4. Customer Service Support
    1. Review sample log-in bench sheets against chain of custody forms
    2. Ensure dates, times match chain of custody, correct errors in LIMS
    3. Check for grammatical errors and make corrections in LIMS  
    4. Perform sample log-in.
Position Type
Career Employment
Position Level
Part Time
Educational Requirements: High school graduate
Experience Requirements: Experience preferred but not required
Employment Start Date
Work Schedule
Monday - Friday; Noon to 5 PM
Number of Openings
Submit resumes to

Lana Jackson at