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As "Your Resource for Defensible Data", Alloway strives to keep you up-to-date on recent developments in the environmental industry. We have compiled news you can use.

Alloway Sponsors Nature Photography Contest


Alloway is sponsoring the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District’s 38th Annual Nature Photography Contest. The contest features photographs in 3 different categories: specific nature subjects, landscapes, and parks potpourri. Community members of all ages are invited to participate. Entries must be submitted to the Park District office by November 5th. The entries will be displayed at the McElroy Environmental Education Center on Sunday, November 9th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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DMR-QA Results Are In!


Alloway’s primary goal is to provide customers with defensible data. Alloway’s facilities and staff are accredited, certified, audited, and approved by various programs. As evidence of Alloway's commitment to defensible data, we are proud to share our recent proficiency testing results. Click below for links to each facilities' results: 

Alloway Lima – DMR-QA Study 34 Chemistry/Micro 

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Kim Riddell Joins Alloway Team


Alloway is excited to announce that Kim Riddell will be joining our team August 11th, 2014. Kim will be serving as Alloway’s Director of Business Development. With a wide-range of experience including Superintendent of the Delphos Wastewater Treatment facility, City Council President for the city of Delphos, Chief Operating Officer for Smith Environmental, and Plant Operations Committee Co-Chair for OWEA, Kim will be a knowledgeable resource for current and potential Alloway customers.

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Alloway’s New Rain Garden and Stormwater Management Plan


Alloway is in the process of implementing a new stormwater management plan that utilizes rain barrels and a rain/butterfly garden to minimize runoff. The new rain and butterfly garden will be in the back lot of the Alloway Lima facility. The new garden will allow stormwater to be absorbed into the ground and naturally filtered.

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Alloway Participates in North Star BlueScope’s Wetland Celebration


On Friday, May 2nd, over 200 fifth and sixth grade students from Delta Schools visited North Star BlueScope’s Wetlands. During the Wetland Celebration, students participated in different activities that highlighted the importance of the wetland ecosystem. Alloway led an activity on water quality measurements where students collected water samples from the wetlands and tested them for pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature. Overall, the celebration was a great opportunity to demonstrate to future leaders the importance of protecting the wetlands.

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New Analytes Added to Alloway’s Accreditation Lists


To better serve our customers, Alloway is constantly working to expand our analytical capabilities and list of accredited parameters. Recently, Alloway expanded its Ohio Drinking Water Accreditation List to include Langlier Index. Alloway’s Kentucky Drinking Water Accreditation List also increased to include secondary potable water analytes of Color, Odor, Corrosivity (Langlier) and Foaming Agents (MBAS).

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Alloway Recognized for Safety Excellence


Alloway received recognition from the West Central Ohio Safety Council for excellence in safety for 2013. Alloway was presented with awards in three different categories at the 58th Annual Safety Awards banquet. An award was presented to all companies that worked the entire year without a lost-time injury or illness. In addition, Alloway had the lowest incident rate in its group of industries. Finally, Alloway received special recognition for accumulating over 500,000 hours without a lost-time injury.

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Professional Staff and Continuing Education: Congratulations to Eric Binkley


One of the many reasons people choose Alloway is because of the professional level of our staff.  All employees take advantage of continuing education and certification opportunities.

Last week, our team celebrated Eric Binkley’s graduation from the Dale Carnegie Training Program on Effective Communication and Human Relations. Eric is a key member of Alloway’s team, and his growth and development will help in advancing Alloway’s mission and continuing our tradition of exceptional customer service.  

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John Hoffman Receives Kathleen M. Cook Award


The Northwest Section of the Ohio Water Environmental Association presented John Hoffman, the President of Alloway, with the Kathleen M. Cook Award on April 2nd, 2014. This award is given to those who demonstrate excellence in the field of laboratory analysis, leadership on the job, education, and improvement in laboratory techniques.

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Alloway Scores 98.9% on WP Study


As evidence of Alloway's commitment to defensible data, we are proud to share that Alloway’s Lima facility recently received a score of 98.9% on the WP Study.  The WP Study included methods 608, 625, 624, 200.7, 245.1, 5540C, 8082A, 8270C SIM and 8015C, and 173 out of 175 analytes were reported within limits.  Congratulations to Alloway Lima!

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