Drone Sampling

Alloway is revolutionizing environmental sampling and monitoring using innovative drone technology. Now with Alloway’s FAA certified pilots, you can quickly and safely collect water samples at hard-to-reach locations.

Challenges of traditional sampling approaches:

Environmental sampling and monitoring are often necessary in areas that are difficult to access and/or pose safety concerns for the field team involved. Traditional sampling techniques often focus on the use of watercraft, large sampling teams, and heightened health and safety risks. These traditional approaches create many challenges, including:

  • Large sampling teams involving multiple technicians with specialized training
  • Heightened potential health and safety risks
  • Greater lead time to prepare watercraft and equipment
  • Problems mobilizing quickly for unexpected sampling needs
  • Time-consuming sampling events that involve transporting and launching watercraft
  • Labor-intensive field work
  • Costly equipment that requires on-going maintenance
  • Difficulty finding the exact location for repeat sampling

Alloway’s innovative solution:

Alloway’s field team uses unmanned aircraft combined with latest in HydraSleeve technology to perform surface water sampling. HydraSleeve’s ultra-lightweight surface water adapter is specifically designed for use in drone applications. Using this new technology, Alloway’s FAA certified pilots can now perform grab sampling at specific depths from the middle of a reservoir, lake, river, or pit-mine lake. This allows for many improvements, including:

  • Easily repeated sampling of the precise location with submeter accuracy
  • Avoiding personnel entering hazardous areas and traveling over water
  • Minimizing health and safety risks from exposure to hazardous pollutants and harmful algae blooms
  • Reducing labor costs with minimal field team comprised of pilot and spotter
  • Mobilizing quickly for emergency sampling needs
  • Increasing frequency of sampling events
  • Improving overall sampling efficiency

Alloway continues to push forward with innovative ideas and creative products and services designed to meet the needs of the environmental monitoring industry. Let Alloway help you realize the many benefits of our drone sampling capabilities. Contact us today at support@alloway.com to discuss your project needs!