Alloway Welcomes the Customers of Advanced Analytics Laboratories

Alloway is excited to welcome the customers of Advanced Analytics Laboratories. Eve Karnitis, founder of Advanced Analytics Laboratories, is retiring.  Eve and the Alloway staff look forward to meeting with each customer to celebrate her career and transition projects to Alloway.  Incorporated in 1984, Eve grew Advanced Analytics Laboratories from a one-woman company to a successful environmental laboratory. Alloway intends to operate from the same location in Columbus, Ohio, under the name of Advanced Analytics Laboratories.

In addition to the services offered by Advanced Analytics Laboratories, customers can now benefit from the wide range of additional analytical services Alloway offers for drinking water, wastewater, and solid/hazardous waste. Alloway also offers field sampling and courier services.

With more than 39 years of experience, Alloway is a trusted source of defensible data.