Alloway’s New Rain Garden and Stormwater Management Plan

Alloway’s rain/butterfly garden is now complete! This was the final step in implementing a new stormwater management plan that utilizes rain barrels and a rain/butterfly garden to minimize runoff. The garden is located in the back lot of the Alloway Lima facility. It features a variety of plants designed to attract butterflies, thus providing a little patch of habitat for local species. The new garden will allow stormwater to be absorbed into the ground and naturally filtered.

In addition to the creation of this new garden, rain barrels are currently placed outside the buildings at roof downspouts to store rooftop runoff for later reuse in lawn and garden watering. These stormwater solutions provide a simple, but valuable method to decrease the amount of precipitation that ends up in storm drains and sewer systems.

According to the US EPA, when stormwater is unable to naturally soak into the ground, many consequences can occur:

  • Stream bank erosion
  • Increased turbidity from erosion
  • Habitat destruction
  • Changes in the stream flow 
  • Combined sewer overflows
  • Infrastructure damage
  • Contaminated streams, rivers, and coastal water
  •  Downstream flooding

Through the creation of a rain/butterfly garden and the use of rain barrels, Alloway is helping to mitigate some of these harmful consequences.

In addition to the environmental benefits, many municipalities offer tax incentives for stormwater reduction initiatives. The City of Lima offers a 10% tax reduction. These initiatives are relatively simple to implement, but they offer great economic and environmental rewards.   

To learn more about stormwater management, visit the US EPA’s website