Alloway's V.I.P. Workshops

Alloway’s V.I.P. Workshops are back by popular demand and headed to a location near you. We really do consider our customers our “V.I.Ps”, and these workshops are all about you!

Every time Alloway develops a new course, we look at feedback from previous courses.
Here’s what’s new about this year’s workshops:

  • You requested more drinking water topics, so we have separate days for water and wastewater.
  • You asked for Ohio EPA updates, so we invited guest speakers Martyn Burt and Brian Tarver to discuss wastewater laboratory audits and electronic DrinkWARE, respectively.
  • You wanted more hands-on presentations, so we made our sessions dynamic and interactive.
  • You loved the free Ohio EPA contact hours, so we’re giving them to you again.
  • You said it’s difficult to travel, so we’re bringing the workshops closer to you with three locations across Ohio.
  • You loved the hot lunch, so we’re serving up more delicious food.

The Alloway staff looks forward to these events because we get to see our customers face-to-face. We feel that personal relationships are invaluable. Everything we do at Alloway is meant to better serve our customers. In our industry, new developments crop up all the time. Part of being “your resource for defensible data” means providing you with opportunities for professional growth.

Guest speakers, hot topics, three locations, six dates, complimentary lunch, and FREE registration for current customers –you do not want to miss these great workshops. We hope to see you there.