Analytical Data at Your Finger Tips

As our customers’ ultimate laboratory resource, we at Alloway are constantly looking for ways to improve our service. So as a benefit to our customers, we added a new feature to our website. Customers can now access their analytical data through our secure portal simply by clicking the customer login icon at the top of our homepage.   

After logging into the secure portal, customers can access all of their analytical reports and chain of custodies. Alloway’s portal also allows customers to see the progress of each individual project as it moves through the stages of analysis. Customers can see when a sample is received and when it is ready to be reported.

While we still send analytical reports through the mail, customers no longer have to wait the extra days to have their data. Customers can view the reports the day they are generated.  Customers can even receive an email notifying them when the report is complete.

So as long as there is an Internet connection, access to your analytical data is at your fingertips.  

Tip of the day: To access your reports from your computer, simply save the PDF files to your local directory. This will allow you to access your data regardless of Internet availability.  

To establish portal access, simply send an email to with the subject line “Portal Access” and we will reply with a username and password. Be sure to include your name and the company you are affiliated with in the body of the email.