EnviroGo: Alloway’s Latest Innovation in Environmental Sampling and Monitoring

For decades, Alloway has been known in the environmental testing industry as a resource for defensible data. Over the years, we identified a void in the industry for convenient, portable sampling options. So Alloway brought together a team of industry experts to collaborate and create a new, innovative solution.

Alloway is excited to announce the launch of our new division, EnviroGo. EnviroGo trailers are customized sampling and monitoring packages designed to provide everything you need in a convenient, mobile unit. Now you can conduct sampling and monitoring over extended periods of time in remote locations, even those that lack traditional power sources.

The applications for the EnviroGo trailers are numerous:

  • Wastewater Collections System Sampling - EnviroGo trailers are the perfect solution for pretreatment coordinators gathering samples at various industrial discharge locations. Maintain EPA required sample preservation with EnviroGo’s sample collection system, which is equipped with a refrigerated cooler and composite sampler.
  • Wastewater Process Control Monitoring – The mobility of the EnviroGo trailer and its instrumentation will enable engineers and plant managers to collect data that is representative of accurate loadings, allowing operators to make more informed process control decisions. This will result in more efficient design and operation of the treatment process.
  • Activated sludge monitoring – In addition, EnviroGo trailers can be equipped with the latest respirometry instrumentation, allowing the user to better understand and trouble shoot the activated sludge process. Operators can use this technology to determine the treatability of wastewater including toxicity and biodegradability, along with Specific Oxygen Uptake Rates.
  • Discharge Monitoring – Do you have multiple discharge points at various locations?  EHS professionals find the EnviroGo trailers useful for regulatory compliance sampling performed in a safe and efficient way.
  • Stormwater sampling and weather monitoring – EnviroGo trailers allow field technicians to quickly mobilize to collect stormwater samples, which is especially useful for industries with multiple outfalls at various locations. EnviroGo trailers can be equipped with weather monitoring stations that record rainfall and weather patterns at the actual sampling site.
  • Stream surveys - EnviroGo trailers can be equipped with everything you need to conduct field measurements such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, turbidity, conductivity and flow to evaluate the health of a stream. The large battery reserve, recharged by clean solar power, can extend the collection of these measurements in remote locations where shore power is not available.   
  • Government and university field research – EnviroGo trailers can be equipped with all the monitoring tools research professionals need to collect field data at different locations. The use of these trailers can support specific research needs and enhance students’ educational experiences.
  • Agricultural run-off investigation – EnviroGo trailers are the perfect solution for nutrient monitoring. The EnviroGo trailer gives managers the ability to assess the effectiveness of farm management practices by monitoring phosphorus and nitrogen run-off at end of pipe locations. 

The wide variety of applications for EnviroGo trailers make this product the ultimate resource for environmental sampling and monitoring. Check out the EnviroGo video to learn more about our product offerings, or visit our website at www.goenvirogo.com. You can also call 1-83-Enviro-Go to speak with a representative about how our trailers can be customized to meet your sampling and monitoring needs.