Heavy Metals Testing in Soil

Alloway offers a variety of options for heavy metals testing in soil. The list of analyses can be adapted to meet your needs.

Routinely requested heavy metals and their typical reporting levels (assuming 100% solid content / 0% moisture), include: Aluminum (5 mg/kg), Arsenic (0.5 mg/kg), Barium (1 mg/kg), Cadmium (0.5 mg/kg), Chromium (0.5 mg/kg), Copper (1 mg/kg), Lead (1 mg/kg), Mercury (0.1 mg/kg), Nickel (1 mg/kg), Selenium (0.5 mg/kg), Silver (0.5 mg/kg), and Zinc (1 mg/kg). Reporting limits may vary slightly between laboratories.

These analytical packages are priced as follows:

  • 1-2 metal(s) = $20 per metal per sample
  • 3 or more metals = $10 per metal per sample
  • Total Mercury = $24 per sample
  • Percent Total Solids = $12 per sample

Please contact us to confirm total project pricing prior to submitting samples and payment. Alloway offers a wide variety of metals and contaminate testing, so please ask for supplemental pricing information if there are additional contaminates of concern.

Once you decide which tests you would like completed, collect 100 grams of representative sample. The sample can be collected in a quart size Ziplock baggie or a clean glass jar. Then complete a chain of custody form, being sure to list the analyses you want to have performed.  A link to our chain of custody form is below:


Once the form is complete and the sample has been collected, ship the sample to our Lima Laboratory at 1101 N. Cole St. Lima, OH 45805 or our Marion laboratory at 1776 Marion-Waldo Rd. Marion, OH 43302. Please be sure to include payment with the sample. If you prefer to pay via credit card, please write in the comments section of the chain of custody form “call for credit card payment” along with your appropriate contact information. Samples will not be analyzed until payment is received. 

To determine the levels of contamination that are potentially hazardous/unsafe, please reference the appropriate governing authority’s guidelines based on the soil’s intended use.