Industrial Wastewater Sampling Workshop

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Sample collection in the right hands can ensure data quality. Part of being “your resource for defensible data” is to provide training on proper sampling techniques. Alloway has developed a new training program for industries that covers the basics of sampling. Alloway’s on-site training program is a unique opportunity for professional development that can benefit your business. Unlike other training programs, Alloway’s Industrial Wastewater Sampling Workshop is…

  • Convenient - Make the most of your time and money. We bring the instructors and the materials; you provide the students.
  • Cost effective - There are no travel expenses and multiple people can be trained at the same time.
  • Documents Formal Training - Demonstrate to auditors that your personnel are qualified to collect samples.
  • Personalized - Alloway’s on-site professional can answer your questions, and focus on your specific sampling needs.
  • Expert Training - With more than 30 years in environmental sampling and analysis, Alloway has trained thousands of wastewater operators and custodians.

The Industrial Wastewater Sampling Workshop covers a wide range of topics to ensure that your sample collection will result in quality data...

  • Safety
  • Required Events
  • Sample Containers
  • Collection Volumes
  • Preservation and Hold Time
  • Sampling Equipment
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Sample Handling
  • Documentation
  • Labeling and Shipping
  • QC/QA

In addition to these topics, Alloway’s workshops can be customized to include…

  • Grab sampling
  • Composite sampling
  • Low-level mercury
  • Bioassay
  • Other specialized sampling events

If you are a business and would like to schedule a training program, or if you are a pretreatment coordinator and would like to host a workshop for industries in your area, contact us at An Alloway representative will contact you to provide a quotation and schedule your workshop.

Alloway is an approved Ohio EPA contact hour provider. If contact hours are required, the session must be scheduled 1 month in advance to allow for processing.