Using Cutting Edge Technology In Training

As your ultimate laboratory resource, Alloway is committed to developing new opportunities for professional growth. We are constantly exploring new technologies to improve our training options. Our most recent discovery is the use of ooVoo in our training courses.

ooVoo is new software application that allows the user to video chat with up to 12 people, send files, and screen share. With this technology, users no longer have to travel long distances to be in the same room. They can have face to face interaction while still being miles apart. The screen sharing allows the audience to see each publication the speaker is referencing. Users can share the latest EPA reports while viewing an NPDES permit.

In the spring of 2013, Alloway will be unveiling the use of this cutting edge technology at our VIP Workshops. We will bring you information straight from the laboratory and field. Instead of hearing about how to properly analyze BOD, you will see the proper techniques and common pitfalls while in the laboratory setting.  While at an actual sampling site, Alloway staff will demonstrate sampling techniques including “Clean Hands, Dirty Hands”, proper preservation, collection volumes, and much more.

Workshops for drinking water and wastewater will be coming to a town near you. Registration opens January 31, 2013. Our workshops fill up quickly, so be sure to look for more updates on our website and in the Buckeye Bulletin.