Alloway President Shares Kenya Experience

Alloway’s President, John Hoffman, is bringing the knowledge he recently gained from a trip to Kenya back to the states. In June, John traveled to Kenya as a part of the global graduate studies in the Earth Expeditions program.  The focus of the trip was on studying sustainable approaches to human-wildlife coexistence.

Now, John is sharing the knowledge gained from his travels with local community members. His presentation titled Community-Based Conservation: People and Wildlife Coexisting will be given at the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District, in Lima, Ohio on Monday, October 24th at 7pm. The presentation explores how changes in land use and draught have affected wildlife populations and the ability of animals and human to effectively coexist. Going beyond the plains of Kenya, John will explore how principles from his research apply to conservation efforts in the local community.

The knowledge and experience gained from this trip also sparked further development of the Inquiry-Based Learning workshops facilitated by Alloway. John states, “Earth Expeditions and the Global Field Program have opened my eyes to the significance of inquiry-based learning and its role in education. I’m excited about the possibilities to incorporate inquiry and conservation into Alloway’s training programs for our customers and the community at large.”

If you are interested in having John give a presentation, or would like to know more about Alloway’s upcoming Inquiry-Based Learning workshops, email To attend the presentation that will be given at the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District, please call 419-221-1232 by October 21st to register.     

 For more information on the Earth Expeditions program, visit