Alloway Steps onto the National Stage

Alloway has been a member of the Lima, Marion and Mansfield communities for over 38 years and in that time, this veteran-owned small business has become known as a resource for defensible data in the environmental testing industry. While Alloway has serviced many municipal, industrial and consultant clients in Ohio, a growing percentage of Alloway’s customer base is outside of Ohio’s borders.

In October, 2020, Alloway stepped onto the national stage at the Water Environment Federation's Virtual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC). This is the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world and Alloway launched multiple product and service offerings, including Surcis BM respirometers and respirometry; EnviroGo sampling and monitoring platforms; and activated sludge microscopy.  

As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Surcis, Alloway used this national conference as an opportunity to showcase Surcis respirometry products. The use of respirometry as an operational tool in the wastewater treatment field has emerged over the past several decades as a powerful aid in understanding and troubleshooting the activated sludge process. In 2019, Alloway established a research space at the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center on South Main Street in Lima. At the research center, Alloway is performing respirometry studies that will assist operators in enhancing wastewater treatment, optimize energy use, and prevent plant upsets. This work is being supported by CIFT, the Northwest Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership regional program manager. There are current studies underway for several local municipalities and local private industries.

Alloway also introduced its newest division, EnviroGo while at WEFTEC. This division of Alloway specializes in customized, mobile monitoring and sampling trailers. These innovative 4’ by 6’ trailers provide everything needed for environmental sampling and monitoring in one convenient unit. Innovations incorporated into the trailer include powerful lithium battery packs with efficient Merlin solar panels, composite sampling equipment with refrigerated sample storage capability, pressurized water system, data logging capacity and flow monitoring equipment, and customized stainless-steel cabinetry and mounting system for options.

In addition to these product offerings, Alloway offers laboratory training and analyst development services. Alloway has become an established leader in laboratory training and we hope to build upon what is becoming a growing market for laboratory development and support. Alloway’s staff have traveled the country helping municipal and commercial laboratories produce defensible data and achieve state and national laboratory certification. Alloway has developed training videos and led numerous seminars on Laboratory Quality Control/Quality Assurance and specific environmental analyses.

Alloway’s vision to be the ultimate laboratory drives us to seek out innovative products and creative services designed to meet the needs of the environmental monitoring industry. Alloway’s team was excited to introduce these products and services at the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world!