Alloway's Expansion at the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center

Over the last 38 years of operation, Alloway has become widely recognized as a resource for defensible data in the environmental testing industry. Year after year, Alloway has consistently grown through the expansion of new service offerings and innovations. 

To accommodate the company’s continued growth, Alloway established a research space in 2019 at the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center (or OEAMC). This facility is located on South Main Street in Lima. At the OEAMC research center, Alloway is developing new products and service offerings in hopes of revolutionizing the environmental testing industry.  

Alloway’s new research laboratory focuses on 3 key services: respirometry, microscopy, and metals analysis.

The research laboratory is used to perform respirometry studies that assist operators in improving wastewater treatment, optimizing energy usage, and preventing plant upsets. The laboratory space is equipped with Surcis respirometry products, for which Alloway is the United States distributor. The Surcis respirometers are used to measure the respiration rate of the microorganisms used in biological wastewater treatment. Respirometry enables operators to see how operational changes such as the addition of certain chemicals, nutrients, waste streams, or bio-augmentation products might affect the treatment process.

The research laboratory also houses a Nikon microscope complete with phase contrast and oil immersion objectives. This equipment is used to perform examinations of the micro-organisms used in biological wastewater treatment. Through these studies, operators can gather information on the composition of their biomass, which can point to sources of operational problems or simply assist in maintaining routine operation and permit compliance.

Alloway has also moved metals analysis into this space with the added capability of microwave digestion. In comparison with the traditional digestion method, microwave digestion accelerates reporting times for ICP and ICP-MS analyses.  In addition, Alloway will be able to analyze a number of other matrices such as crude oil, plastics, polymers, paints, coatings, adhesives, and much more. Through this new technology, Alloway can better support industrial quality control operations with quicker turnaround times.

In addition to this laboratory space, the OEAMC also houses the production shop for EnviroGo, the newest division of Alloway. EnviroGo offers customized, mobile monitoring and sampling stations that allow the user to remotely control operations as well as access to data from the cloud through advanced data logging capabilities. These innovative 4’ by 6’ trailers provide everything needed for environmental sampling and monitoring in one convenient unit.

Alloway’s vision to be the ultimate laboratory continues to drive us to seek out innovative products and creative services designed to meet the needs of the environmental monitoring industry. Alloway’s team is excited to introduce these products and services through our partnership with the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center.