Alloway’s Kim Riddell-Furry to Become OWEA President

Since 2002, Kim Riddell-Furry has been volunteering with the Ohio Water Environment Association in many different roles, including Plant Operations Committee Member, Operations Challenge Competitor, Operations Challenge Judge, Operations Challenge Chair, Plant Operations Committee Co-Chair, NWOWEA President, OWEA Water Environment Federation Delegate, NWOWEA Delegate, and OWEA Publications Committee member.  Kim is also a member of the Crystal Crucible Society and the 5S Society as well as a recipient of Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award and the W.D. Sheets Award.  Finally, Kim will be taking on the role of president in June 2019 at the OWEA Annual Conference in Huron, Ohio.

Kim Riddell-Furry started her career in the wastewater industry in 1997 as a laboratory technician for the City of Van Wert. Kim earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Toledo and her Master’s in Organizational Management from Bluffton University, and as her career progressed, she earned her Class IV Wastewater Operator’s license and Class II Wastewater Laboratory Analyst license. Kim was promoted to various roles including Superintendent of the Delphos Wastewater Treatment facility, City Council President for the City of Delphos, and Chief Operating Officer for Smith Environmental. Then in 2014, Kim was hired as Alloway’s Director of Business Development.

When asked about her upcoming role as president of the OWEA, Kim stated, “I’d like OWEA to be in the forefront of helping guide operators and better prepare folks to take on the leadership positions that are going to be vacated over the next five to ten years.” To read the full interview, check out the OWEA’s Buckeye Bulletin, Issue 2, 2019. 

Alloway is proud to support Kim Riddell-Furry and the Ohio Water Environment Association!