Ohio EPA Reporting Rule Updates

On October 1st, 2018, updates to the laboratory analysis and reporting rules outlined in Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3745-89-08 and 3745-81-90 came into effect. The recent updates now require all chemical and microbiological results be reported to the Ohio EPA and public water systems by the 10th day following completion of analysis, unless next business day reporting is required. The rule updates added additional requirements for next business day reporting, including the detections of total microcystins in raw water, all lead and copper tap water results, and all startup microbiological sample results for seasonal public water systems.

In order to assist with the timely reporting of results, public water systems should ensure that all required information is provided at sample submission, including Public Water System ID, Facility ID, Sample Monitoring Point ID, purpose of the sample (compliance/special), and address and description of the sample locations. Any drinking water samples that are identified by a PWS ID at submission will be reported to the Ohio EPA.

For more information on these recent rule updates, visit the Ohio EPA website.