Reminder for the New Year: Ice Your Samples

With the New Year beginning, it’s time to be reminded of good habits that should be maintained! According to 40 CFR Part 136, most wastewater analyses require thermal preservation of samples.  Samples are considered acceptable from 0 to 6°C. Thermal preservation should start at time of sample collection, and be maintained through transportation and storage prior to analysis.

When samples are received, Alloway personnel examine all storage containers for evidence of ice and document the temperature at receipt. By remembering to ice your samples, you gain the following benefits:

  • Eliminate data qualifiers
  • Ensure samples are accepted
  • Stay in compliance with 40 CFR Part 136
  • Avoid resampling

So start your New Year off with a cold one; remember to ice your samples!

Refer to 40 CFR Part 136.3 Table 2 for a complete list of preservation requirements.