Maximum Advantage Basic Quality Control Software

Maximum Advantage Basic Quality Control Software (MA Basic QCS) was developed for smaller laboratories that analyze a limited number of parameters. MA Basic QCS provides a manageable and comprehensive quality control data-entry form. MA Basic QCS confirms that your blanks, spikes, duplicates, laboratory control standards, and continuous calibration verifications are within control limits.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Microsoft Excel® based
  • Easy to learn
  • Ready to use the day it’s installed
  • Generate control charts at any time using any number of points
  • Reduce errors
  • Add any number of analytes and set up each one differently if necessary
  • Intuitive design that adapts to the needs of smaller laboratories
  • Maintain analytes for many combinations of QC activities
  • Save time and resources
  • Set upper and lower control limits
  • Stay compliant
  • Flags out-of-control data
  • Never miss out-of-control data due to oversight
  • Assign consistent batch numbers
  • No duplicated sample numbers
  • Each entry screen displays a chart with the most recent data points so you can tell if the point you just entered is the extreme value
  • Pinpoint trouble spots
  • View or print multiple control charts from the same page
  • Include many batches on one data form
  • Compile information in your preferred format
  • Review data by method, analyst, or time frame
  • Save time and create an audit trail
  • View all QC results on one page
  • Organize your data for easy review and sharing
  • Upgrade the software without losing your original database
  • Hassle-free software


Purchase Details

Includes one year of support (800 telephone support and upgrades). 30-day unconditional guarantee.