Maximum Advantage Quality Control Software

Take control of your quality control data with Maximum Advantage Quality Control Software (MAQCS). MAQCS tracks quality control data, generates control charts, and much more. MAQCS confirms that your blanks, spikes, duplicates, laboratory control standards, and continuous calibration verifications are within control limits. This flexible system can be adapted for environmental, commercial, municipal, or industrial laboratories.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Microsoft Access® based
  • Easy to install and learn
  • No additional software necessary
  • Maintains each analyte for combinations of QC activities
  • Sophisticated system for real-world challenges
  • Tracks approximately 20 activities concurrently
  • Save time and resources
  • Add any number of analytes
  • Versatile for many different types of laboratories
  • Customize settings for methods and analytes
  • Flexible system that adapts to your workflow
  • Password-protect the software
  • Increased control and security
  • Assign data to a user-defined batch with automatic numbering
  • No duplicated samples
  • See only the data-entry screens that apply to the analyte of interest
  • Simplified data entry
  • Print data sheets and blank control charts
  • All the materials you need in one place
  • Defined and automatic calculations
  • Improve accuracy and reduce errors
  • Enter your laboratory’s true values and limits
  • Stay compliant
  • Charts tell you if the point you just entered is the extreme value
  • Pinpoint trouble spots
  • Generate QC reports and statistical limits
  • Review data in a neatly summarized format
  • Search by method, analyst, or time frame
  • Find what you’re looking for quickly
  • Upgrade the software without losing your original database
  • Hassle-free software
Purchase Details

Includes one year of support (800 telephone support and upgrades). 30-day unconditional guarantee.