Maximum Advantage Reagent Traceability Software

Maximum Advantage Reagent Traceability System (MARTS) is a high-performance database for tracking purchased reagents and solutions prepared in your laboratory. MARTS maintains a list of all the chemicals in your facility, tracks location and quantity of reagents, monitors expiration dates, generates reports listing chemicals close to expiration date, and quickly accesses Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). MARTS eliminates the need for numerous paper logbooks and keeps information accessible and accurate.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Microsoft Access® based
  • Easy to install and learn
  • No additional software necessary
  • Keeps track of all purchased reagents and solutions prepared in-house
  • Information stored in one place
  • Virtual logbooks track location, quantity, preparation procedure, and expiration dates of reagents and solutions
  • Efficiently manages all chemicals
  • Holds MSDS for easy access in an emergency
  • Increased safety for laboratory personnel
  • Calculates expiration dates of a prepared solution using expiration dates of the reagents with the earliest expiration date
  • Makes it easy to know when a solution or reagent will expire
  • Prohibits you from preparing solutions from expired or closed reagents
  • Reduced risk of producing inaccurate data by performing analytical tests using expired solutions and reagents
  • Generates unique control numbers and labels
  • Meet quality assurance requirements for documenting and labeling of standards and reagents
  • Keeps historical information on previously prepared and closed reagents
  • Create an audit trail
  • Assess quantities for quick ordering
  • Save money because you know exactly what you need to re-order and when you need to re-order


Purchase Details

Network user license. Includes one year of support (800 telephone support and upgrades). 30-day unconditional guarantee.