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Using Microtox’s LX Series, Alloway is now able to offer rapid testing for acute toxicity. Traditional acute testing for NPDES compliance reporting takes 48 – 96 hours, but with this new generation of laboratory testing, Alloway can offer same day results to enhance process control, optimize plant performance, and assess toxicity.  

How does the Microtox Technology work?

Microtox uses the bioluminescent bacterium Vibriio fischeri for the…


Alloway’s newest sampling service is designed to monitor for aerosol SARS-CoV-2 using a fast and highly reliable method. Air is the principal vehicle of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, so routine air monitoring allows you to identify potential spread and help protect your facility.

Critical Questions For Your Facility

• How do we re-open safely?


Alloway is excited to welcome the customers of Advanced Analytics Laboratories. Eve Karnitis, founder of Advanced Analytics Laboratories, is retiring.  Eve and the Alloway staff look forward to meeting with each customer to celebrate her career and transition projects to Alloway.  Incorporated in 1984, Eve grew Advanced Analytics Laboratories from a one-woman company to a successful environmental laboratory. Alloway intends to operate from the same location in Columbus, Ohio,…


Alloway offers a variety of options for heavy metals testing in soil. The list of analyses can be adapted to meet your needs.

Routinely requested heavy metals and their typical reporting levels (assuming 100% solid content / 0% moisture), include: Aluminum (5 mg/kg), Arsenic (0.5 mg/kg), Barium (1 mg/kg), Cadmium (0.5 mg/kg), Chromium (0.5 mg/kg), Copper (1 mg/kg), Lead (1 mg/kg), Mercury (0.1 mg/kg), Nickel (1 mg/kg),…


As your resource for defensible data, Alloway is constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers through new service offerings and enhanced capabilities. We are excited to announce our latest expansion in services: MICROSCOPY!

Microscopic examination is an essential part of process control in order to facilitate the stable operation of the activated sludge treatment process. The micro-organisms present in the activated sludge have a profound impact…


Alloway is registered as an essential service provider through the Ohio Public Private Partnership (OP3) program and our employees are registered through the Emergency Partner Credentialing System. Alloway will continue normal hours of operation at this time. 

For more information on the Ohio Homeland Security - Ohio Public Private Partnership (OP3),…


With over 37 years in business, our customers recognize Alloway as a source of dependable service with reliable prices. While other laboratories charge unexpected, additional fees, Alloway recognizes that surprise fees make it difficult for our customers to budget for the year. Alloway is committed to offering the best value of service at dependable rates!

In addition to competitive prices, Alloway also…


For decades, Alloway has been known in the environmental testing industry as a resource for defensible data. Over the years, we identified a void in the industry for convenient, portable sampling options. So Alloway brought together a team of industry experts to collaborate and create a new, innovative solution.

Alloway is excited to announce the launch of our new division, EnviroGo. EnviroGo trailers are customized sampling…


Come join us for our Fall V.I.P. Workshop on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 at the Old Barn Out Back located at 3175 W. Elm Street, Lima, Ohio. This program features new guest speakers and fantastic food! Wastewater and drinking water operators can earn 4.0 OEPA contact hours. Dual license operators can earn 5.0 OEPA contact hours. Please note the contact hour distinction in the schedule below:


The Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce named Alloway as one of three finalist for the Small Business of the Year Award.  The chamber considered 41 nominees in six categories for women-owned businesses, small businesses, emerging businesses, nonprofits and community leaders. Alloway’s demonstrated financial strength, history of growth, and commitment to the local community were key components to its selection as a finalist for this prestigious award.